Vacation on Wheels



Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our locations map. The closest grocery store, gas station and propane fill station are at the Otter Co-Op(24795 Fraser Hwy, Aldergrove, BC V4W 1A3)

Closest dump station is on Highway 1, at the Bradner Rest Stop, west-bound half way
between Mt. Lehman and 264 St exit

All items included with your rental, or available for rent with our Optional Packages
are listed here.

We offer a fully-equipped kitchen and plenty of storage for you to pack your own
things. It is up to you whether you wish to rent bedding. Food is not included. A list of
what is included with your rental, or available for rent with our Optional Packages are
listed here.

A minimum of 7 nights is required on all rentals.

Yes! We also offer discounts for rentals over 14 days.

100km/day is included with each rental. Mileage in excess of 100km per day is charged at $0.38/km.

We provide rental insurance on the unit.

No. Towing is NOT allowed. You do have the option of renting a bike rack if you wish to take bicycles along.

Yes, parking is free, but it is at the owner’s risk.

In the event that the renter cancels the reservation, the following amounts will be withdrawn from the credit card on file:
$250 = any time after confirmation.
$500 = 15-30 days prior to departure.
50% of daily rental rate (minimal $500) = 1-14 days prior to departure
100% of daily rental rate = departure day or no show

In any National or Provincial Park, you must use the campground. Parking outside of a designated RV campground varies by province and is always at your own risk. Please refer to our FAQ page for links to campground directories.

Speed limits are posted in kilometers.

There is no charge for additional drivers. However, all drivers must have a valid drivers license to be presented at the time of vehicle pick up.

National, Provincial Parks or private parks always book quickly. We recommendbooking in advance, although it may be possible to find spots as you go. The fee charged for booking varies by park.

The unit may not be used on beaches, non-public roads, logging roads, gravel roads,off-road areas or flooded areas.

Yes! You are allowed into the USA. Just make sure that your personal documentation is in order. Please also check the “Border/Customs” links on our FAQ page for important information.

Your unit is equipped with 110 power, so you can run things like hair dryers etc. However, you will need a north American adaptor, which is NOT provided with the unit.

Vehicles must be returned (inspection ready) by 11am, unless you make alternate arrangements at the time of booking. A minimum $75 CAD per hour penalty will be charged for returns after 11:00am without prior arrangements.

Yes! However, please note there is an additional oversize vehicle cost. If possible, we advise booking your ferry in advance. Please see our FAQ page for links to BC and Washington State ferries.

We want to make sure every guest is fully confident in driving and operating their unit, and that we take time to answer any questions you may have. Pickup and training may therefore take 30 minutes to an hour.

Not unless the unit is too dirty to prevent us from seeing damage to the outside.

No, this is for commercial vehicles only.

All drivers must be 23 years or older.

Unfortunately, no pets (including service animals) are allowed in the unit.

In case of an emergency involving a third party (such as a collision), or a medical emergency, you must contact the Police or ambulance. The number across Canada and the USA is 911. In case of a malfunction with the unit or if the unit needs to be towed, please contact GoGo RV at the numbers listed in the vehicle or on our contact us page.

As per the Terms and Conditions, the unit must be returned tidy with all kitchen equipment and optional package items put away, however it is not necessary to sanitize or launder anything inside or outside the unit – we will take care of this.

Driving an RV is the same as driving any other large vehicle. There are no special buttons or levers to push. However, as the unit is 30 feet long and taller than typical cars, special attention is needed when backing up, turning, or entering places with low clearance. We will make sure you are completely comfortable driving the unit during your orientation when you pick up.

If arranged at time of booking, we may be able to offer airport transfer, but we can always provide guidance for arranging your own transportation to and from the airport.